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This page will give you a glimpse of who I am. My passions, my experiences, my thoughts. I originally created this page to practice my newly acquired web development skills, but the page evolved into a perfect platform to display the snapshot of my life.

My background in marketing and finance allowed me to apply the complementary knowledge into the digital world I love so much. Dabbing my toes in the startup world as a co-founder have only deepened my affection for the innovative lifestyle. Why is technology something I can’t NOT do? In my opinion, working on disruptive solutions that solves the world’s problems in a scalable way is a thought that gives me chills and shivers every time. My limited but fulfilling experiences thus far have only solidified my aspiration to pursue a life that only fits my passion in the digital world.

If we have something in common, I would love to connect!

What I'm Up To

Gary Vaynerchuk always remind us to optimize our time by being self-aware and understand our true strengths. Heeding his advice of maximizing my skills, I dove head first into eCommerce (more specifically Amazon FBA), an industry that also coincides with my passions in tech and marketing. Thus far, this project has allowed me to leverage and test my knowledge in the Chinese language (sourcing from overseas manufacturers) and while flexing my creative muscle when marketing to the western culture.

I’m in it for the long haul. Aside from the fact that selling online doesn’t feel like work to me, all the data for e-commerce trends point towards one direction, up and to the right. Global online revenues are closing the gap with brick and mortar sales every year. I’m hoping to build a ship and rise with the tides of the ever growing online market.

When the founders of Taplytics (YC W14) painted the problems of long validation cycles, and the lack of empowerment to a mobile marketer, I was sold on joining the team. I wanted to be working with people and technologies that helps mobile companies deliver exceptional experiences to their users. It’s constant fun and challenging when we eat, sleep, and breath the optimization process to drive up retention and engagement rates for eCommerce applications.

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